For Your Consideration: A tale of two street artists and one viral Harvey Weinstein statue that shook up the 90th Academy Awards.


Director’s statement

As a filmmaker, I want to not only entertain people, but make them stop, think, and reflect. That is what initially attracted me to street artist Plastic Jesus’ work. The Los-Angeles based pop culture provocateur is a former photojournalist who gives us what we want — instant Instagram material, but also what we need — a wake up call. His provocative art is a cross between social commentary and trolling, holding up a mirror to who we really are yet often can’t see because we’re blinded by the phone or computer screen in front of our faces. I wanted to document Plastic Jesus and his co-conspirator Ginger’s process in formulating, executing, and integrating their “Harvey Weinstein Casting Couch” street art installation from beginning to end. After the art piece shook up the 90th Academy Awards and went viral, I realized that there was much more to this developing story. Thus, I expanded the documentary to include feminist street artist MegZany, right wing guerrilla artist Sabo, and Weinstein survivor Dawn Dunning. “For Your Consideration” is a small, yet significant piece of a bigger story that shows how art can have the power to help heal and create change.


American Documentary (AmDocs) 2019 - PREMIERE

Cleveland International Film Festival ‘19

Melbourne Documentary ‘19 - INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

DocFest San Francisco ‘19

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival ‘19

First Glance Los Angeles Film Festival ‘19

Tallahassee Film Festival ‘19

Grenoble Street Art Movie Fest ‘19

Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival ‘19

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Fear No Film (Utah Arts Festival) ‘19

Ocean City Film Festival ‘19

Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival ‘19

SuperFine Art Show ‘19

Indie Nights ‘19

Culver City Film Festival ‘19

This film captures an event in time we all wish we could forget, but forever need to be reminded of by voices of change like Plastic Jesus.
— WRDSMTH, artist
A lively, funny, and profound film about street art, politics, and the #metoo movement.
— - Margaret Lazarus, Oscar-winning doc filmmaker, organizer of Art4Change
Brilliantly reveals the innovative ways street artists can brazenly exhibit both art and voice in a powerful, meaningful, and public way
— Talks On docs Podcast
Details the blood, sweat, and duct tape it takes to build a built-to-scale street art installation which conveys a bigger than life-sized message.
— Coming Soon